SJ WORKS  innovative bicycle first aid kits for safe cycling, helping you get around a city easily, smartly and safely. At the core of SJ WORKS is a continuous striving for growth and discovery of a better life for all. At SJ WORKS, we strongly believe in helping people in all first aid situations. Safety is a paramount concern, which is why we want first aid kits to be readily available in your daily life, not packed away in a box somewhere. We can make your life better and can make ourselves to the better one inside out.


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The core of SJ WORKS is continuous growth and continuous discovery for a better life. We love to connect with you, email us at:  support@sj-works.com or to Founder Super Joan directly: joan@sj-works.com

1. If you’re clients, we love to hear from you

We love to hear your story while using our first aid kit, your experience is important for us to keep improves consistency. We commit to offer you wonderful shopping experience.


2. If you’re press, we love to hear from you

We love to hear from you and promote bicycle first aid kit to improve peoples’ quality life on road/outdoor. Get the outdoor first aid care close on hand.

3. If you’re blogger/writer, we love to hear from you

We love to hear from you on blog cooperation as long as we can help.


4. If you're a cycling enthusiast, we love to hear from you

We interested in your cycling experience, we want people who get involved with SJ WORKS to contribute through their own individual experiences.


5. If you’re the competitors, we love to hear from you

We respect to all your efforts to supply first aid kit to the society and open to any cooperation with you in the future.


6.If you’re the business owner, we love to hear from you

We understood your situation to set up the company and made a contribution to people, if you suck in business, we love to help your online marketing from what we had been trained. knowledge is power.

Let’s get connect for a better life and add our value to your life.