SJ WORKS, Your Reliable First Aid Essentials!


1. How safe is it when you are leisurely cycling outdoor? What happens when you meet a minor mishap? Here’s SJ WORKS bicycle first aid kit. You can attach it to the bike and first aid kit is always out there when you need it.

At SJ WORKS, we strongly believe in helping people in all cycling emergencies. We are always concern about your safety, which is why we want first aid kit to be readily available in your daily life. Get one SJ WORKS bicycle first aid kit from your nearest bike store or Amazon today. Let’s cycle easy, smart and safe.



  1. SJ WORKS Bicycle first aid kit, Ourkit, your peace of mind!

SJ WORKS have a vision of keeping people safe in the city, in the easiest, smartest way possible. SJ WORKS puts safety and quality first, with a kit that’s bursting with every necessity that emergency situations call for. With free door-to-door shipping and incredible coupons available, you’ve only got everything to gain. SJ WORKS. Our kit, your peace of mind.



3. SJ WORKS ANSI First aid kit



4. Cycling is safe and fun.



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6.  How to apply the bandage for fingertip &Knuckle?



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