Products Review & Giveaway


Here on this page, you will find all details of SJ WORKS giveaways. We aim to bring our value to your better life as much as possible.

SJ WORKS is a first aid kit company, and believe we can make a positive change in the first aid kit industry and thus improve peoples’ quality of life.


SJ WORKS run the giveaways through running a campaign regularly, with winners chosen at the end date.


SJ WORKS offers giveaways of products such as first aid kits, bike accessories, safety products, children first aid education/safety products, home products, pet accessories, garden products and much more.


Our founder Super Joan who is responsible for all product reviews and giveaways. She always tries to offer the sincere reviews and comments and to stand in the user’s shoes.

If you have particular products you’d like to giveaway for SJ WORKS global audiences, we would love to hear from you.

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