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Here on this page, you will find all details of SJ WORKS work and life. We love our life and job, we keep balance on first aid we’re passion for and wonderful life in every single day. We aim to bring our value to your better life as much as possible.

SJ WORKS is a first aid kit company, and believe we can make a positive change in the first aid kit industry and thus improve peoples’ quality of life. If you’re our clients who have the SJ WORKS first aid kit, we love to see your photo, we love to see how our first aid kit improve your quality life.

We not only sell the first aid kit but also bring our positive vibes into your life. You can see some nice photos in different actives we had, we’re trying to document our wonderful joinery with each of you.

Enjoy photo collections from SJ WORKS.

SJ WORKS innovative bicycle first aid kits for safe cycling, helping you get around a city easily, smartly and safely. At the core of SJ WORKS is a continuous striving for growth and discovery of a better life for all.

If you have our first aid kit, we’re happy to see how SJ WORKS First Aid Kit in your life, please send us your photos. Email:

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