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In this section, you can download a FREE first aid PDF to help you handle different kinds of first aid situations. Just click the headline and download the PDF directly. We're happy for you to share with your family, friends, and all the people you care about.


  1. Global List of Red Cross

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the world’s largest group of humanitarian non-governmental organizations. Download free to find your local Red Cross for first aid training.

  1. Do you know the different types of wounds?

1) Non-penetrating wounds  2) Penetrating wounds 3) Miscellaneous wounds

Bonus tip: For all of the medical components for which wounds must be sterilized, the most common sterilization methods are EO sterilization & rays sterilization.

3.Do you know the ins and outs of first aid in the workplace ?  Find out here: SJ WORKS FIRST AID CHECKING LIST AT WORK.

  1. Be a hero and save lives

First aid is for everyone , everywhere.

  1. Roadmap of first aid at home.
  2. What is First Aid?

First aid is help given to a person who has been hurt or is suddenly taken ill. First aid is the steps you can take before a person gets expert medical help. First aid can sometimes save a person’s life, but more often it is help given in an everyday accident or illness.

7.How many types of First Aid are there ?

How many types of first aid do you know? Maybe you never considered this question… burns? A heart attack? Stroke? There are so many more, and you can check them all in our free PDF. Understand the different types and do some practice for regular training.

  1. Burns-First Aid

Burns are split into minor burns and major burns, and into three burn categories: 1st- degree burn, 2st-degree burn, and 3st-degree burn.

  1. Child Choking-First Aid

Choking occurs when a foreign object becomes lodged in the throat or windpipe, blocking the flow of air.  Young children often swallow small objects. Because choking cuts off oxygen to the brain, administer first aid as quickly as possible.

  1. Stroke–First Aid
  2. Cuts and Scrapes: First Aid 

Minor cuts and scrapes usually don’t require a trip to the emergency room. These guidelines can help you care for wounds with first aid kit you prepare at your sweet home.

  1. Dislocation : First Aid 

A dislocation is an injury in which the ends of your bones are forced from their normal positions. The cause is usually trauma resulting from a fall, an auto accident, or a collision during contact or high-speed sports.

  1. Fainting: First Aid 

Fainting occurs when the blood supply to your brain is momentarily inadequate, causing you to lose consciousness. Let’s learn Fainting first aid today, for you and for other people in your team.

  1. Foreign object in the skin: First Aid

15.Frostbite- First Aid

When exposed to very cold temperatures, skin and underlying tissues may freeze, resulting in frostbite. The areas most likely to be affected by frostbite are your fingers toes, nose, ears, cheeks and chin.You can treat very mild frostbite with first-aid measures. All other frostbite requires medical attention.

  1. Head pain- First Aid

Most headaches are minor, and you can treat them with a pain reliever. Some head pain, however, signals a dangerous or serious medical problem. Don’t ignore unexplained head pain or head pain that steadily worsens. Get immediate medical attention if your head pain gets worse.

  1. Head trauma: First Aid

Most head trauma involves injuries that are minor and don’t require specialized attention or hospitalization. However, even minor injuries may cause persistent chronic symptoms, such as headache or difficulty concentrating, and you may need to take some time away from many normal activities to get enough rest to ensure complete recovery.

Call your local emergency number, if any of symptoms are apparent, because they may indicate a more serious head injury.

18.Heart attack First Aid

19.Insect bites and stings First Aid 

Most reactions to insect bites and stings are mild, causing little more than redness,

itching, stinging or minor swelling. Let’s learn Insect bites and sting First aid.


20.Motion sickness- First Aid

Any type of transportation can cause motion sickness: by ship, by plane, by train, and by car. Check it out how to handle motion sickness first aid for you and your family.


21.Nosebleeds- First Aid 

Nosebleeds are common. Most often they are a nuisance and not a true medical problem. But they can be both.


22 .Poisoning – First Aid 


  1. Puncture wounds: First Aid

A puncture wound doesn’t usually cause excessive bleeding. Often the wound seems to close almost instantly. But this doesn’t mean treatment isn’t necessary.


24.Severe bleeding: First Aid


25.Shock First Aid