SJ WORKS, your reliable First Aid essentials!


1. How does  SJ WORKS usually run the business?

SJ WORKS have our target market globally for both retail and wholesale for our SJ WORKS branded first aid kit. Plus, we also accept private labels for our long-term partners globally. No matter which business patterns, we persistently do our best to improve peoples’ quality of life and fulfill our first aid kit business at the same time.

Life is always about trying to figure out who we are, what we’re about. SJ Works consistently try to figure out what’s driving us the most every day, and it is not about benchmarking, not about competing with other first aid companies. The core of SJ WORKS is continuous growth and continuous discovery for a better life. Because we believe we can help people in first aid situations, we can make peoples’ life better and can make ourselves better inside and out.Our ears are open to all customers, partners, suppliers, competitors and most importantly we open ourselves to being as amazing as we can be every day. Any idea, suggestion or comments, we’re happy to hear from you. You can write to  : 

support@sj-works.com or joan@sj-works.com



2. What kind of first aid kit does SJ WORKS have?

SJ WORKS starts from the basis of a bicycle first aid kit for your bike, and family cycling first aid essentials. We created the bicycle first aid kit for cycling market, taking a path of adventure which other companies did not take.In general, as long as a product can improve peoples’ quality of life, it’s a good product! There is no doubt that a first aid kit for cycling is an innovation which can help improve our society.

In the long term, we plan to develop our first aid kit series into home care first aid kits, workplace kits, school kits, pet kits, outdoor/adventure kits. We are evaluating our time to make something good with skills, experience and adding our continued dedication to serving your first aid needs in the years ahead.



3. Why do our customers consistently choose the  SJ WORKS first aid kit?

We set our mind to not only selling first aid kit, but also to fulfill our wealth, health, love, and happiness through a first aid kit business that we’re passionate about.  That’s one of the biggest reasons why our customers always like to choose the SJ WORKS first aid kit – they choose the good quality products to meet the first aid needs of themselves, their family and friends, and were inspired by the values we spread.

We’re thinking about people, we’re thinking about the quality of life, we’re thinking about first aid kit as a way of creating a positive change in society.

We put our heart into the design of every first aid kit – from the outside pouch, inside medical components, the quantity of components and all small details. We believe only the best quality products have a long-term future and we strive to ensure that any addition to our first aid kit series will be building positively on the innovation of our first kit.

We appreciate every customer who chooses the SJ WORKS first aid kit.  We specialize in first aid kit design, experience, and the first aid business. We are also happy to help our staff and long-term business partners and customer to fulfill their wealth, health, love and happiness in different ways.



4. Do SJ WORKS products meet international standards?

Absolutely.  SJ WORKS choose the best suppliers who can make high-quality products in their professional areas. We had several bags suppliers who made the top quality soft pouch for the first aid kit and first aid hard case, as well as quality packaging suppliers. Of course, the most important is that we have top first aid medical manufacturers who meet the international standard for every single medical component:  EN ISO 13485:2012+ AC: 2012 Medical device-quality management system-requirements for regulatory purposes ( ISO 13485: 2003+ Cor. 1:2009) DIN 3N ISO 13485:2012. Everything we have in the SJ WORKS company must be of the highest possible quality.



5. What terms of delivery does SJ WORKS usually have?

We usually offer DDU, DDP, CIF, FOB terms of delivery which depend on the type of cooperation; please liaise with our sales team if you have any questions.

We have several warehouses and international logistic partners. We try our best to deliver first aid kit to your door at your convenience.  We offer 100% free delivery to retail customers who purchased from in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy through the Amazon UK fulfillment center. Moreover, we serve customers in North America via Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

If our partner warehouse run out of stock, we can deliver first aid kits from our largest China inventory. Please contact SJ WORKS for detailed shipping quotations.


 6. How can I become a global  SJ WORKS dealer?

You can write to our Founder directly for more details:  joan@sj-works.com. We are open to all sincere business cooperations; see our dealer page for more information. We will help you set up a strong marketing foundation and help you hand in hand every step of the way.


7. Where can I if I want to buy several items?

1) Go to your nearest bike store or PPE store.

2) In this SJ WORKS website shopping section.

3) Your local Amazon website.


SJ WORKS has been part of the Amazon FBA & Pan-EU project since July 2016. If you’re from the UK, Germany, Spain, France & Italy, Amazon is simply the best way to buy our first aid kit with a wonderful shopping experience.

FREE shipping to your door through the Amazon fulfillment center! Reliable, easy and safe online shopping.

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If you have further questions, please write to us: support@sj-works.com. We’ll be happy to hear from you.


SJ WORKS, your reliable First Aid essentials!