SJ WORKS  innovative bicycle first aid kits for safe cycling, helping you get around a city easily, smartly and safely. At the core of SJ WORKS is a continuous striving for growth and discovery of a better life for all. At SJ WORKS, we strongly believe in helping people in all first aid situations. Safety is a paramount concern, which is why we want first aid kits to be readily available in your daily life, not packed away in a box somewhere. We can make your life better and can make ourselves to the better one inside out.


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No.7 Dong Er Li, Jin Yuan Road, Xing Bin Street, Jimei District, Xiamen, China (Zip code:361022)

Tel : 0086-186-9563-6767

Email: support@sj-works.com , Customer service : H.C
           joan@sj-works.com , Founder: Super Joan


Amazon EU: 

SJ WORKS has been part of the Amazon FBA & Pan-EU project since July 2016. If you're from the UK, Germany, Spain, France & Italy, Amazon is simply the best way to buy our first aid kit with a wonderful shopping experience.

FREE shipping to your door through the Amazon fulfillment center! Reliable, easy and safe online shopping.

Click below for direct links to SJ WORKS Amazon Store in these 5 countries, with Amazon Prime delivery right to your door :


Welcome to SJ WORKS Amazon UK store

Welcome to SJ WORKS Amazon Germany store

Welcome to SJ WORKS Amazon France store

Welcome to SJ WORKS Amazon Spain store

Welcome to SJ WORKS Amazon Italy store


Amazon USA


After one year on sale at Amazon in Europe, sales of first aid kits proudly hit the 9000 mark. Accordingly, in June 2017 we set up Amazon USA and made the first shipments to the Amazon warehouse in Texas.

Click below for direct link to Amazon USA, and enjoy Amazon Prime delivery to your door :

Welcome to SJ WORKS Amazon USA store


Amazon Canada

This opened one month after the Amazon USA store, to help more people get the outdoor first aid care close to hand.

Click below direct link to Amazon Canada, and enjoy Amazon Prime delivery to your door :


SJ WORKS Amazon Prime Canada Store


Hope you will have a wonderful shopping experience with SJ WORKS. Any questions and suggestions, you can write to us: support@sj-works.com


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SJ WORKS team ftp testing . #sjworks #test #bike #cycling #friends #team #followforfollow #wheel #training #biking

SJ WORKS team ftp testing . #sjworks #test #bike #cycling #friends #team #followforfollow #wheel #training #biking

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