Why does SJ WORKS collaborate?

SJ WORKS is a first aid kit company, and we believe we can make a positive change to the first aid kit industry and thus improve peoples’ quality of life.

Here on this page, you will find details of all SJ WORKS collaborations with different companies and organizations. We support road safety globally and aim to present our bicycle first aid kit products to help people in the outdoor first aid emergencies.


 How does  SJ WORKS collaborate?

SJ WORKS is open to everyone who likes to have a collaboration and help each other grow.  We like to have collaboration with social media, your local events and much more.

In what way does SJ WORKS collaborate?

SJ WORKS like to have collaboration in various ways, such as blog writing, articles, videos and so on. For every possibility which can help to promote road safety, we love to hear from you.


Get in touch :

If you would like to have a collaboration with SJ WORKS,  we would love to hear from you and are open to your suggestion and ideas.

Write to us at, or write to our founder Super Joan directly at

SJ WORKS is open to different voices from every corner of the world.  If you would like to collaborate with us, we’re happy to help each other grow.

Below are SJ WORKS collaboration bloggers in the past years, with whom it was a pleasure to work.


1.Tim Wiggins

Endurance cyclist. Independent content creator: adventures, kit tests, and advice.

Tim just finishes #7 countries passes in 14 days. Let’s give him further support for next cycling challenge.

Tim twitter: @timwiggins1


What Tim wrote about SJ WORKS :


2.Meredith Wires

Meredith Wires is the rider happiness manager in Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures. As an

Experienced mountain bikers who crave adventure and shivers-down-your spine amazing trails, he is knowledgeable everything relates to the mountain bike. Want to have a wonderful bike trip? Contact him now.

Twitter : @sacredridesmtb


SJ WORKS contribution blog:

3. Mark Sutton

Cycling business writer and editor @cyclingindustry. Appreciator of all things pedal power.

Mark twitter: @marksuttonbike


What Mark wrote about SJ WORKS:

4. Bruno & Arthur

2 Italian guys, Burno and Arthur from Bike Philosophy who started traveling by bike to have fun and then fell in love with it. The sparkle was born after their first bike trip in The Netherlands. They discovered a brand new world: everyone bicycles to go everywhere safely and sustainability.

Bike Philosophy website:

What Bruno & Arthur wrote about SJ WORKS:

5.Janel Case

The owner of A Mom’s Take, Janel, is a mom who knows what it is like to be raising little ones in the modern day. A Mom’s Take is a mom blog that started in Phoenix, Arizona on April 1st, 2010 with just one mom trying to connect with others and be a resource for other moms.

Twitter: @amomstake


What Janel Case wrote about SJ WORKS:

6. Kristin Hale

Kristin Hales live in the Cincinnati, OH area and a mother to a wonderful teenager who is a true blessing in her life. She wrote the blog about 10 years which bring huge value to her reader. If you look into her website, you can tell the efforts she put into by your own.

Twitter: @ItsFreeAtLast


What Kristin Hale wrote about SJ WORKS :

7. Susan Bewley

Susan Bewley is a professional writer who has been writing content online & in print format for over 10 years. As well, she is an alumni of the University of Louisville with a Masters Degree in Special Education. When not working as an online business consultant or ghost writing, she can be found writing on Budget Earth, on her own novel, or working with various entities in the pet industry.

Twitter: @BudgetEarth


What Kristin Hale/ Susan Bewley wrote about SJ WORKS :


8. Pamela Maynard


What Kristin Hale/ Pamela Maynard wrote about SJ WORKS :


9.Laura Summers-Bates



What Laura Summers-Bates wrote about SJ WORKS:

10.Becky O’Haire

Becky O’Haire creator & author of Cuddle Fairy! Cuddle Fairy is a positive space on the internet. Everything on Cuddle Fairy has a positive slant whether she’s writing about days out as a family, travel, fashion, reviews, recipes, quotes or blogging tips, the aims to add a little positivity to your day. Cuddle Fairy’s motto is: there’s positivity around every corner!



What Becky O’Haire wrote about SJ WORKS :


11. Jenny Leonard

Jenny Leonard own The Brick Castle blog, she originally from Derby, but moved to live in North Manchester 9 years ago with her partner and lovely kids. She is one of top 100 children blogger in UK ,who is really kindly heart and good personality mom .



What Jenny Leonard wrote about SJ WORKS :


12.Mark Yates

Mark discovered the love of camping since joining the Scout Association as a Scout Leader.He is the owner/editor in his blog “ Big Man in the Woods” .

Big Man in the Woods is all about helping you enjoy the great outdoors when you go away camping.Whether you’re just discovering the world or camping, or you’ve a lover of camping for a while, you’ll find great, usable content on varies subjects.

Twitter: @MeMarkYates


What Mark Yates wrote about SJ WORKS :

13.Michal Johnson

A mom blogger who have two little kids, she love her life and family in Sydney , Australia. She own the blog names AllThingsMomSydney.

On AllThingsMomSydney, you will find great beaches to visit, parks and playgrounds, picnic spots, travel ideas, parenting humors, gift ideas, product reviews and parenting resources.

Twitter: @AllThingsMom_Au


What Michal Johnson wrote about SJ WORKS :


14.Nicky Omohundro

Nicky Omohundro creator of Little Family Adventure.

Little Family Adventure inspires families to be active together, explore the world, and provides the recipe to create new fun family memories.

Over 4 years ago, she started this site as a personal food blog. She was just being introduced to the real food movement and wanted a way to share personal recipes with family and friends. Since then the site has evolved to include travel, outdoor family activities, and healthy living. It becomes a resource for families wanting to live healthier and be more active together.

Twitter: @LilFamAdventure


What Nicky Omohundro wrote about SJ WORKS :

15.Jane Arschavir

Jane Arschavir, a Mum/blogger from Manchester (to Ben born in 2010) and wife of the lovely Matthew. She’ve been blogging since June 2013 and loves it. Since she began she’ve been on lots of exciting adventures, brilliant days out and tried lots of new things she’d never have thought of before.check up this blog Hodge Podge Days.

Twitter: @HodgePodgeDays 


What Jane Arschavir wrote about SJ WORKS:


16.Mainy Lawson

Mainy Lawson launched her site Fairy Queen.

In February 2016 in order to follow her dream of connecting with like minded people. Fairy Queen is a family affair and is a personal extension of our philosophy in life; anything goes as long as it stays within the bounds of being relatively decent!

Twitter: @myrealfairy 


What Mainy Lawson wrote about SJ WORKS :


17. Crystal McClean

Crystal McClean is a mother to two wonderful children. She owns the blog Castle View Academy with the wonderful posts from time to time.

Twitter: @CCastleView 


What Crystal McClean wrote about SJ WORKS:


18. Helena Blakemore

Helena Blakemore live in the North East of England, in a small two-bedroomed flat with our two cats. She blog about our lives at the moment and love to travel. It’s wonderful experience to work with Helena .   Her blog site names Baby Foote.

Twitter: @ tweetinghelena


What Helena Blakemore wrote about SJ WORKS :


19.Sarah Humphreys

Sarah Humphreys ,a Mummy to two gorgeous little girls aged 8 and 5 years old and a scrummy little boy age 2 ,’Daddy’ completes our family. They live in the Cotswolds. She started this blog as a diary for my Little Ones, to capture family life and record memories of the things we do together.

Twitter: @lifelittleones


What Sarah Humphreys more wrote about SJ WORKS :


20.Melissa Botelho


21. Cherry Newby

Cherry, a former Primary Head Teacher and she own the blog Newby Tribe, an education and lifestyle blog based up in Lincolnshire. Set up in July 2016, The Newby Tribe aims to be a place to give help, advice, inspiration and suggestions to parents navigating the choppy waters of Primary School, as well as providing high quality resources and advice to those Primary teachers who bring learning to life!



What Tanya wrote about SJ WORKS :


22. Jaymee Heaton

Jaymee, a mum of 3 boys, she own the blog The Mum Diaries,her own little space in the world. Jaymee is a qualified Nursery Nurse and spent many years working in Nurseries and looking after children. She love messy play and getting creative! Since having her boys she have become a stay at home mum and spend days with the family.



What Jenny Leonard wrote about SJ WORKS :


23. Tammy Mitchell

Supermom to four kids, married to her Prince Charming. Tammy and her family make the best of today, to better themselves tomorrow. Tammy wears kindness and positive thinking on her shoulders with an entrepreneur mind and strives to reach for the stars. Health, ?tness, nature, family and lots of snuggles are an important start of every day.



What Tammy Mitchell wrote about SJ WORKS :


24. Marta Escapes

Marta are a family of four ,the blog owner of Learning Escapes. If you’d like to have a chat or a virtual coffee together to talk about family travel ideas, cultural tourism or anything on my blog that piqued your interest, she would love to hear from you.

She have been working in the field of intercultural relations and cultural tourism for over 10 years and partnering with her means working with an experienced professional with a track record of consistent and successful work experience. She passionate about travel and education and she take great pride in always delivering on time, high-quality pieces of content.



What Marta Escapes wrote about SJ WORKS :


25. Jenni Grainger

Jenni, a mon of Lucas, she own the blog of chillingwithlucas. This blog is her part on the internet where she may whitter on about something that is on her mind, jot down milestones, diarise our days out and holidays, put recipes that she have tried for her to return to and any other bits and bobs that she fancy.



What Jenni Grainger wrote about SJ WORKS :


on-going……If you like to have collaboration with SJ WORKS , we love to hear from you :


Super Joan, the Founder of SJ WORKS .In early 2016, she innovated bicycle first aid kit from safe biking idea. To help people cycle city easy, smart and safe. Although it’s not common to have first aid kit on a bicycle, for her, as long as it can help peoples’ quality life, that can be a good product. Meanwhile, she is helping first aid business partner leverage a proven, results-driven through first aid kit cooperation to generate more leads, add more clients and increase partner’s revenue.

SJ WORKS innovative bicycle first aid kits for safe cycling, helping you get around a city easily, smartly and safely. At the core of SJ WORKS is a continuous striving for growth and discovery of a better life for all.